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E-ZEEWRAP® Announcement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19

E-ZEEWRAP® has been monitoring developments and announcements made by our Health Officials and Leaders.

We are taking steps to ensure the safety of both our employees and those needing our products.

Employees are working from home as much as possible, with only essential activity happening on-site, to ensure shipments are not disrupted.

E-ZEEWRAP® Products are useful for keeping surfaces sanitary and dry in both Kitchen and Medical environments, therefore our operations will continue with precautions in place.

If you need to contact our office, please e-mail:, or use the “Contact us” tab on our website.

Our Priorities are the safety of our Families, Employees, Business Partners and Customers. Should we need to take any further action in the future, we will notify those affected.

Stay Safe!


Enter whimsy with a touch of practical!!! Introducing our newest E-ZEEWRAP® dispenser!!!

CHALKBOARD!!!  Never hunt for a notepad again!







 E-ZEEWRAP® 1000 plus ft./305M Refill

ONE Refill $17.34 plus S & H $9.95 S&H = $27.29

TWO Refills $17.34 + $17.34 plus S&H $9.95 + $9.95 = $54.58

FREE FREIGHT ON  THREE refills or more!
$17.34 + $17.34 + $17.34  S&H (FREE)  = $52.02     



     MmaribbeanBlue     Kaysenberry             Pebble              VvutercupYellow            Apple Green          Carbon


"How many battles do you have with your plastic wrap?"

Wrap up convenience and savings with the ENVIROLL SYSTEM. Easy to Use... Easy to Refill... Easy to install ANYWHERE... under a cabinet, in a cabinet, in a drawer, on a wall or use it on the counter. The compact patented dispenser allows easy grasping of the wrap and a perfect length every time.

Our professional, premium grade 1000 plus ft./305 M refill out-stretches and out-clings ordinary wrap and is perfect in the microwave, fridge or freezer.

International Orders Now Available by Request
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  • REDUCE: Waste... a perfect length every time. No searching for the end. No tangles.
  • REUSE: Dispenser...
  • RECYCLE: 90% Less
    Waste/Packaging... Save our Forests!

Just want to say thank you for the best kitchen aid ever! I own 3 of them, every wedding gift I buy an  E-ZEEWRAP is in with it… thanks to your reasonable price.

-S. Cooper, North Battleford, SK

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