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E-ZEEWRAP® your choice... plastic wrap or parchment paper...any combination...(please indicate on order form ... what you would like)



One roll   $17.34 plus S & H $9.95 S&H = $27.29

Two  rolls  $17.34 + $17.34 plus S&H $9.95 + $9.95 = $54.58

Three rolls   FREE SHIPPING
$17.34 + $17.34 + $17.34   = $52.02




"How many battles do you have with your plastic wrap?"

Wrap up convenience and savings with the ENVIROLL SYSTEM. Easy to Use... Easy to Refill... Easy to install ANYWHERE... under a cabinet, in a cabinet, in a drawer, on a wall or use it on the counter. The compact patented dispenser allows easy grasping of the wrap and a perfect length everytime.

Our professional, premium grade 1000 plus ft./305 M refill out-stretches and out-clings ordinary wrap and is perfect in the microwave, fridge or freezer.

International Orders Now Available by Request
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  • REDUCE: Waste... a perfect length every time. No searching for the end. No tangles.
  • REUSE: Dispenser...
  • RECYCLE: 90% Less
    Waste/Packaging... Save our Forests!

I bought one of your  E-ZEEWRAP dispensers. I enjoy it so much! And by the way I have arthritis and it is so easy to use.

-S. Crump, Greensboro NC

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