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How many battles do you have with your plastic wrap?

Wrap up convenience and savings with the ENVIROLL SYSTEM Easy to Use...Easy to Refill...Easy to install ANYWHERE...under a cabinet, in a cabinet, in a drawer, on a wall, or use it on the counter. The compact patented dispenser allows easy grasping of the wrap and a perfect length every time. Our professional, premium-grade 1000 plus ft./305M refill outstretches and out-clings ordinary wrap and is perfect in the microwave, fridge, or freezer! Also available is our premium quality E-ZEEWRAP® parchment paper! Mount your second dispenser piggy back style behind your wrap dispenser and always get a perfect length of parchment for your baking pans, cooking trays or for separating freezer items!

E-ZEEWRAP dispensers for Plastic wrap and Parchment Paper mounted in Kitchen under cupboard cabinet, Cookies on Parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

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