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E-ZEEWRAP Parchment Paper

Use to line trays for cooking and baking, eliminating the need for grease or harmful cooking sprays!

Non-stick – cookies slide right off! and sticky sauces don't need scrubbed!

Saves time and money! Use 1 sheet of parchment multiple times before disposing of it!

Intended for use in the E-ZEEWRAP 1000 Enviroll System. Packaged in convenient box with tear-off edge for use outside the E-ZEEWRAP Dispenser.

Keep away from oven sides, hot elements, and open flame. Maximum recommended temperature 425°F / 218°C

Tip - Mount your E-ZEEWRAP Dispensers "Piggy Back style", Plastic wrap in front, and Parchment paper in back!


E-ZEEWRAP Parchment Paper


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