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E-ZEEWRAP® 1000 ft. refill


TV Special Offer: We’ll double your order! 2  E-ZEEWRAP® dispensers and 2 FREE 500 ft. rolls, 2 Lettuce Knives, and 2 Bakeware Knives for $39.90 plus $29.90 shipping and handling.

TV Single Offer: One  E-ZEEWRAP® dispenser and a FREE 500 ft. roll, a Lettuce Knife, and a Bakeware Knife for $39.90 plus $14.95 shipping and handling.

 E-ZEEWRAP® 1000 plus ft./305M Refill

One   Refill $17.34 plus S & H $9.95 S&H = $27.29

Two  Refills $17.34 + $17.34 plus S&H $9.95 + $9.95 = $54.58

Three  Refills   FREE SHIPPING
$17.34 + $17.34 + $17.34   = $52.02



"How many battles do you have with your plastic wrap?"

Wrap up convenience and savings with the ENVIROLL SYSTEM. Easy to Use... Easy to Refill... Easy to install ANYWHERE... under a cabinet, in a cabinet, in a drawer, on a wall or use it on the counter. The compact patented dispenser allows easy grasping of the wrap and a perfect length everytime.

Our professional, premium grade 1000 plus ft./305 M refill out-stretches and out-clings ordinary wrap and is perfect in the microwave, fridge or freezer.

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  • REDUCE: Waste... a perfect length every time. No searching for the end. No tangles.
  • REUSE: Dispenser...
    Lifetime Warranty.
  • RECYCLE: 90% Less
    Waste/Packaging... Save our Forests!

No wonder you won an award for your E-ZEEWRAP. That has got to be one of the best kitchen conveniences ever produced in my estimation. In this age of microwave ovens and quick food storage, plastic wrap has become as ubiquitous as paper towels. It was about time for a proper bulk storage dispenser for this commodity and you met the need “in spades.” It will undoubtedly last a lifetime because of its rugged and simple design.

-K. McGregor, Winnipeg, MB

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